This page explains how to join the U Team, what you receive when you join, and what it means to be a member of our CSE.

The realization that high quality early childhood education positively impacts all sectors of community has renewed inspiration, innovation, collaboration, and opened a fresh dialogue regarding early childhood led by The U School in Ann Arbor, MI. Reimagining the early childhood experience for the 21st century takes Community Supported Education! 

Participate, build, learn, create impact, and have fun with The U School!

You can join the U Team by subscribing to The U School's CSE.
  • What is a CSE? "Community Supported Education" is a new model for individual involvement in education reform. Subscribers, or members, fund goals and objectives that cultivate the full potential of children in their community. Subscribers pay an annual fee and are empowered to participate in live and web events that promote enhancing the CSE.
  • What do CSE subscribers of The U School receive? 
    • gift package from The U School based on the subscription level.
    • Networking opportunities within a highly connected group of community members.
    • A platform on which to share, discuss, and learn with experts, community members, and families about high quality early childhood development and best practices.
    • The opportunity to create short and long term impact for The U School and our community. We call it "U Impact."
    • Invitations to "U Impact" and "Gratitude" events, live and web based.
The U School's goal is to deliver "U Impact" results. In 2014 CSE members helped brainstorm and then helped fund a U School community play program, U Play Pop-Ups. Four were held throughout the Ann Arbor are and were highly attended with over 100 participants at each! 2015 goals include, continuing the U Play Pop-Ups and opening the U School's next program, U Learning, our classroom program.

Join the U Team at a subscription level that you feel comfortable with. This provides inclusive access to The U School's CSE.

If you're interested in joining the U Team click here to see subscription levels and gift packages. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

Ryan Brown