The realization that high quality early childhood education positively impacts all sectors of community has renewed inspiration, innovation, collaboration, and opened a fresh dialogue regarding early childhood led by the U School in Ann Arbor, MI.

Participate, build, learn, create impact, and have fun with The U School!

You can join the U Team by donating to the U School's.
  • What do donors of The U School receive? 
    • welcome package (donor appreciation letter, U Impact certificate, and U School magnets) from The U School.
    • The opportunity to create short and long term impact for The U School and our community. We call it "U Impact."
    • Invitations to "U Impact" and "Gratitude" events, live and web based.

The U School's goal is to deliver "U Impact" results. In 2014 donors helped fund a U School community play program, U Play. U Play has received over 100 participants at each U Play Pop-Up!

Our 2015 goals include: continuing U Play Pop-Ups and opening the U School's next program, U Learning, our classroom program.

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Ryan Brown

U School Magnets