The 2nd U School Community Dialogue at ZingTrain

Event Recap...

The U Team gathered again at ZingTrain on January 18th to continue a working dialogue, all with effort to enhance the early childhood experience in our beloved community and propel the development of The U School.

At the community dialogue several important exchanges occurred: 

  • U Team members were encouraged to bring friends and did.
  • A delicious Zingerman's appreciation brunch was enjoyed by the U Team.
  • Co-founders, Jackson Perry and Ryan Brown, gave an update on The U School's development.
  • U Team CSE member and community partner, Nathan Ayers from Chiwara Permaculture, delivered a unifying video message (embedded in the slideshow above).
  • A new model for individual and community involvement in education reform at the earliest level, early childhood, called "Community Supported Education" (CSE) was introduced to the U Team. This was received incredibly well!
  • Passionate conversations took place regarding inclusive access to our CSE and future community dialogue events. We will continue to provide a sliding scale for yearly CSE memberships, starting at $5. We will also thoughtfully plan future dialogue events to take place along AATA bus lines.  
  • The U Team was very excited to here plans for U Play Pop-Ups. It's time to PLAY with children and families!