A "U Play Pop-Up" is a mobile play-lab experience that "pops up" around the Ann Arbor area for families with children in early childhood. This play-lab experience aims to foster creativity, imagination, and inquiry for children through happy, healthy, and inspired play. 

Early childhood professionals, from The U School, facilitate the play-lab experience for children and are also be able to articulate for parents and caregivers the developmental importance of play-based learning environments. 

The U Play Pop-Up activities offer a lens into how children play - the thinking behind their play and how to follow their thinking. But for children, the U Play Pop-Up activities are all about having fun!


  • What is a "play-lab"? A play environment that is intentionally designed for children to experiment with their creativity, imagination, and inquiry.
  • What age is the U Play Pop-Up for? The play-lab experiences are designed for children ages 3-6 years old. However, this family friendly event is welcoming to all ages.
  • Are parents/caregivers required to stay with their child at the U Play Pop-Up? Yes
  • How long should children & families stay at the U Play Pop-Up? Families can stay as long or as little as they like.
  • Cost? FREE! Giving a suggested $5 helps keep U Play Pop-Ups as a free and inclusive play option for families.

CO-HOST A U PLAY POP-UP WITH THE U SCHOOL! Contact Ryan to begin collaborating.