On a Saturday morning in March, 2014, The U School hosted the first U Play Pop-Up. 35 children and their families came through and quickly the "play-lab" experience was a buzz with over 100 people in attendance. The participants were the creators with no predetermined outcomes. The only direction was to follow the creative interest of your child and to play. This led to wonderful individual and collective creative expression as participants traveled through the play-lab zones - Light ExplorationRamps & PathwaysArt Creation Invention & RepresentationZen Sensory Bin, and Culinary Play.

Halfway through the pop-up Laura Pershin Raynor delivered an inclusive storytelling experience that had all ages locked in. We listened, sang, danced, laughed, and cheered through her thoroughly entertaining experience!

The big question that participants left with asking was...When is the next U Play Pop-Up? We are very happy to announce that the next one will be on May 10 from 10am-12pm at the Ann Arbor Art Center. More info to come...

Thank you to Summers-Knoll School (especially Chris Swinko), Laura Pershin Raynor, and the U Play Pop-Up facilitator crew (Maurella Murphy, Peter Halquist, Kadesha Baker, & Lauren Stine).

Additional thanks goes to the U Team CSE members. Your financial support allowed us to offer this play-lab experience to families at a very low cost.

Lastly, but most importantly, thank you to the children and families that came out to try something new!