This U Play Pop-Up in collaboration with Sic Transit Cycles focused on play through machine exploration, the bicycle! 

Play-Lab Zones Included:
  • Balance Bike Exploration. STC supplies the fleet of balance bikes, children and families test & ride! 
  • Bike Mechanic Play. Children role play "being the mechanic" with real bike parts and tools.
  • Bike Art. Creative options for children using various art materials to decorate their bike as well as create art using bike parts.
  • Bike Course. On their own bike or with a STC balance bike children navigate a course complete with traffic signs.
  • BONUS! Bike tune-up experience with the STC Crew. Bring your child's bike and work together to tune it up and have it running smooth.

YES! There will be more U Play Pop-Ups. The next one will be on August 23, 2014 at Allen Creek Preschool. Stay connected - join our U e-News grouplike us on Facebook.